By Daud O’ Shittu

Read! In the name of your Lord who created
He created mankind from a clot
Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous
He Who taught by the pen
He taught man that which he knew not

Our history as mankind started with the creation of our forefather, Adam (peace be upon him), from clay and his wife, Eve (peace be upon her), from him. The offsprings were then raised from mixed drops of semen and were made vicegerents of Allah on earth with the sole purpose of worshiping Him. He, as He promised, has been sending down guidance to mankind so that those who follow the guidance will be able to achieve their main purpose of creation and thus have no cause to fear nor grieve.

The guidance has been sent down from time to time in the history of mankind through prophets and messengers of Allah with the sole purpose of proclaiming and calling people to the worship of Allah and staying away from all forms of things been worshipped other than Allah. Allah raised some of these messengers in status above others and sent some with scriptures to serve as guidance for mankind.

Islamic monotheism, which has been the message of all the prophets and messengers have been sent down at various stages through the history of mankind and finally completed and perfected through the last revelation, the Glorious Qur’an. Allah said to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him); “this day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My favour upon you and have chosen Islam for you as your religion”. Thus, the guidance from Allah for mankind has been completed and perfected in the Qur’an.

The Qur’an is the book which is no doubt a guidance to mankind. It is the criterion which distinguishes the right path from the wrong, the truth from falsehood and informs of what is enjoined on us and what is prohibited for us. It is the truth from Allah which came and caused all forms of falsehood to vanish. It is the word of Allah, full of admonition, giving glad tidings to the believers of the eternal blessing that awaits them and equally a warning to the unbelievers of the eternal punishment.

It is the perfect guidance, the glorious Qur’an, revealed through the leader of angels to the best of mankind and protected by Allah from alteration and adulteration. If the Qur’an were to be sent down on a mountain, it would have humbled itself and been rendered asunder out of the fear of Allah. Such is the glorious Qur’an, a healing for mankind, a constitution for the believers and the reminder of Allah through which souls find rest. Generally, it is a mercy to humanity, a blessing to mankind and jinns.

However, a lot of Muslims do not benefit from this great and unquantifiable blessing of the Qur’an because they have abandoned it.

Most Muslims do not listen to this Qur’an while those who listen do not read it. The ones who read the Qur’an do not understand and reflect on its meanings and those who understand it do not act by it. They do not perform what it enjoins nor stay away from what it prohibits, and this, is the highest level of abandonment of the Qur’an.

Some even took a step further to deny some parts of the Qur’an while they believe in some despite the fact that Allah promised to disgrace those who do such in this world and condemn them to the most grievous torment in the hereafter.

Some Muslims have even left the eternal guidance which has stood the test of time and will forever be relevant, sent down from the one who created all that exist, to follow manmade laws and philosophies which has been proven over time not to be enduring and leads to nothing but dissapointment and regret. The Muslims do not seek healing through the Qur’an anymore and would rather go for the prohibited and harmful music, a prohibited and harmful music rather than to seek tranquility of the soul from the recitation of the Qur’an. The Muslims have reduced the Qur’an to just another book on the shelf, they do not value it and thus, they have been denied the mercy and blessing thereof. Verily, the Ummah of the Qur’an have deserted the Qur’an.

Respected brothers and sisters in Islam, our main purpose on earth is to worship Allah, hence, the last and perfected revelation for mankind began with the command to read because it contains the guidance with which we shall be able to achieve this main goal for which we are created.

We have to seek guidance from the Qur’an, listen to it, read it, understand it, reflect on its meanings and most importantly believe totally in it and act upon it so that we might be able to benefit from it and be among those who shall have no cause to fear or grieve.

Allah has made the Qur’an easy to understand and remember, will you then not receive admonition from it?
Read brethren, read! Read in the name of your Lord and take admonition from the Qur’an.

Thanks for reading and sharing.
May Allah aid our strive towards perfection.


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