Are those who know equal to those who know not? It is only men of understanding who will understand.

Allah created the first man from clay and his wife from him, then He made the paradise and abode for them, allowing them to eat and live therein sad they wished while he prescribed a limit for them which they must not transgress. However, Shaytan deceived them into transgressing the limit of Allah and they were expelled from paradise and sent down to earth which they were created to be vicegerents on. Allah informed them as they were sent down to the earth that He shall send guidance from time to time and whenever the guidance comes, whoever follows it shall have no fear on them, nor shall they grieve.

Consequently, it is expedient for the set of mankind who desire not to have fear nor grieve to seek the guidance of Allah and follow it. The knowledge of the guidance thus becomes a neccesity for those who want to be saved as it is quite logical that if a man doesn’t seek to know the guidance, there is no way he will be able to follow it.

Therefore, the knowledge of the deen is quite essential for practising the religion of Allah. The messenger of Allah said; seeking the knowledge of the deen is obligatory on all Muslims.

A similitude, and there is nothing that is similar to Allah, is like that of a slave who belongs to a master and whose main motive is to serve and please his master. However, he does not seek to know the preferences and dislikes of his master. If he spends a whole day to prepare a special delicacy for his master, no matter how much time, energy and resources he might have expended, the master will not eat it it is something he doesn’t eat. The slave will thus not achieve his aim of pleasing his master, what a waste of time, energy and resources!

Generally, we believe that Allah is the Creator and Sustainer of mankind, and also that He only deserved to be worshipped. It is therefore necessary to seek to know how to worship Him, because if you do not, how will you worship him correctly?

It is apropos to state that a lot of people have been misguided through ignorance while they think they are on the right path. A lot engage in shirk while they think they are worshipping Allah. Many of us are ignorant of the prohibitions of Allah and thus engage in different activities without knowing if it is allowed or not. Brethren in Islam, if you do not know the limits of Allah, how then will you keep yourself from transgressing the limits?

Respected brothers and sisters in Islam, Allah says;

Seek for knowledge about Me before you worship Me, for if you do not know Me, how then will you be able to worship Me correctly?

How will you pray, fast and engage in other acts of ibaadah and expect to be rewarded if you do not seek to know how to perform these acts correctly. A necessary condition for an act of ibadah to be accepted by Allah is for it to be performed correctly. May our prayers not be mere exercise, may our fastings not be mere weight losing activity and our zakah and sadaqqah not be a waste.

Respected brothers and sisters in Islam, seek for the knowledge of the deen; attend modrasah, read islamic texts, listen to lectures and ask pious scholars about the deen. As our fathers in Yorubaland would say, how does one, who does not know nor ask, prosper?

Verily, as the prophet said, seeking for the knowledge of the deen is obligatory on every Muslims. Seek for it brethren, and pray, oh my Lord, increase me in knowledge.


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